Ministry of interior (MOI) - UAE

Through this project the various business processes of criminal investigation were enhanced by adding a web-based interface that integrates with the current systems and introducing electronic communication channels that will facilitate using the system by different categories of users who may need to access the system at any time and remotely without any need to be available in the office to get the benefit of using the system.

Holy Makkah Municipality (HMM) – KSA

Correspondence and Archiving Solution (Tayseer): The system is designed to simplify the process of correspondence and archiving through utilizing special tools and mediums of high performance. The systems’ main purpose is to organize and archive all kinds of correspondences and archiving through communication channels between the main offices and all branches in a speedy way. This system is designed in a way that will enable the users to attach a wide range of document formats through secure channels designed to fit the organization pre-determined structure.

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) - KSA

Integrated Business Solution System for SCFHS is an optimized and integrated set of business processes and services accessible through the solution across all of its departments and units, and integration with other government agencies through ESB and GSB. The solution also provides several eServices through SCFHS’ portal for medical professions and practitioners covering: Registration and Classification, Training, Examinations, CME and Private Health Institutes.

Holy Makkah Municipality (HMM) – KSA

Field Inspection and Fines Management (Maidan): Implementing Siebel Public Sector for Holy Makkah Municipality, integrated with ArcGIS, Oracle Universal Content Management and Single Sign-On Identity based on Oracle Identity Management Suite with existing Active Directory.