Constructions Permits System

The Constructions Permits system was designed in a manner that will insure the full automation for construction permits issuance, renewal, amendment, and re-issuance. It also provides a comprehensive integration among all related departments and systems such as Sadad and GIS. A dedicated web portal was designed to enable citizens and engineering offices to apply for services online.

The Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (SCAD) – UAE

The ESTATISTICS project Automates, streamlines and centralizes the data collection process from all Abu Dhabi Government Entities using high-performance data exchange and transformation among enterprise platforms. And provide unified data management capabilities that include data governance, data integration, data quality and master data management.Provide Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution which includes role-based, self-service interfaces for all types of users within a centralized point of administration and provide Integration with ESRI ArcGIS Application and allow SCAD users to view and interact with their analytics content using Mobility devices like IPAD & Android devices while on the go or while offline, in a secure manner - like analysis, dashboards, reports, scorecards.

Holy Makkah Municipality (HMM) – KSA

Performance Measurement (KPIs): For this project, we have developed an application to measure performance indicators as per the directions from the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs of KSA. Using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) technology, Omnix has developed 48 KPIs to dramatically enhance HMM performance.

Lands and Urban Planning System

The Lands and Urban Planning system provides fully automated processes of lands registration, modification, sorting, combining etc. The system provides e-services for engineering offices and citizens in which they will be able to fill out an application and track its progress online. The Web Portal provides all types of e-Services accompanied by all the required tools to fill out the application with all geographical information, in addition to the ability to upload various types of attachments and supporting documents according to the nature of application.