Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) – KSA

Activating and operating the first set of governmental electronic services in the Ministry of Agriculture through the ministry’s eGate. Designing, implementing and executing the eGate is done via the Oracle Platform and designing the WebCenter and implementing all requested integrations with all governmental entities along with building unified data for all services.

Ministry of Interior (MOI) – KSA

Enhancing the various business processes of criminal investigation by adding a web-based interface that integrates with the current systems and introducing electronic communication channels along with a single view of cases, crimes, incidents, suspects, wanted (black listed) persons as well as identify, monitor and manage all above entities and processes intelligently, to guarantee the highest level of security and safety requirements for the kingdom.

Holy Makkah Municipality (HMM) – KSA

Electronic Professional Licenses : Developing special electronic services in regards to professional licenses and connecting the services with the relevant entities outside of the Municipality with accordance with the technical infrastructure (YEFI).

Ministry of Interior (MOI) – Iraq

A comprehensive Passport Information System that manages the Passport life cycle from the moment an application is submitted to the time it gets delivered to the applicant. It also enforces all passport issuance business processes in sequence, along with capturing and matching biometric information.